Queenborough School & Nursery believes that full attendance and punctuality are essential in making sure that each child achieves his or her full potential. Quite simply if a child is not in school, they cannot learn.

  • The school day starts at 8.40am. However, children can go straight to their class from 8.20am.
  • The register is taken from this time and closes at 9.00am. 
  • If a child arrives after 9.00am they are registered as an unauthorised absence for the morning session.
  • School finishes at 3.10pm.
100% Attendance allows a child to access a full and varied curriculum, as well as developing their social skills and friendships.

Weekly Best Timekeepers

Week Ending:  08/01/16 Yellow Class
Week Ending:  15/01/16Silver Class
Week Ending:  22/01/16Pink Class
Week Ending:  29/01/16Yellow Class
Week Ending:  05/02/16Blue Class
Week Ending:  12/02/16Gold Class
Week Ending:  26/02/16Yellow Class
Week Ending:  04/03/16Gold Class and Blue Class
Week Ending:  11/03/16Pink Class and Blue Class
Week Ending: 08/01/16Ebony Class
Week Ending: 15/01/16Purple Class and Turquoise Class
Week Ending: 22/01/16Purple Class
Week Ending: 29/01/16Purple Class and Ebony Class
Week Ending: 05/02/16Purple Class
Week Ending: 12/02/16Red Class, Purple Class and Ebony Class
Week Ending: 26/02/16Red Class, Purple Class and Turquoise Class
Week Ending: 04/03/16Ebony Class
Week Ending: 11/03/16Red Class

Awesome Attenders 

Week Ending: 08/01/16Blue Class
Week Ending: 15/01/16Yellow Class
Week Ending: 22/01/16Lilac Class
Week Ending: 29/01/16Yellow Class
Week Ending: 05/02/16Pink Class
Week Ending: 12/02/16Pink Class
Week Ending: 26/02/16Orange Class
Week Ending: 04/03/16Silver Class
Week Ending: 11/03/16Blue Class
Week Ending: 08/01/16Indigo Class
Week Ending: 15/01/16Indigo Class
Week Ending: 22/01/16Ivory Class
Week Ending: 29/01/16Jade Class
Week Ending: 05/02/16Turquoise Class
Week Ending: 12/02/16Indigo Class
Week Ending: 26/02/16Turquoise Class
Week Ending: 04/03/16Green Class
Week Ending: 11/03/16Red Class