Online Safety for Pupils

To help you stay safe online, you should always follow the rules below (KS1 if you are Yr R, 1 or 2 and KS2 if you are Yr 3,4,5 or 6).

KS1 Pupils (Yr R, 1&2)
  • only use the internet when an adult is with you  
  • only click on the buttons or links when you know what they do
  • only search the internet with an adult
  • always ask an adult if you get lost on the internet
  • send and open emails with an adult
  • only write polite and friendly emails to people that you know
KS2 Pupils (Yr3,4,5&6)
  • ask permission before using the internet
  • only use websites that an adult has chosen
  • tell an adult if you see anything you are uncomfortable with
  • immediately close any webpage you are not sure about
  • only email people an adult has approved
  • only send emails that are polite and friendly
  • never give out personal information or passwords
  • never arrange to meet anyone you do not know
  • do not open emails sent by anyone you do not know
  • do not use internet chat rooms