Term 3 – Keeping Safe Online

During Term Three, the Speak Out Stay Safe crew spent their meetings discussing Online Safety and thinking about ways they can educate all stakeholders at Queenborough School and Nursery.

The children initially worked in their year group teams to discuss three important questions.


1. What do you use the internet for?

2. How do you ensure you keep yourself safe online?

3. What would you do if something upset or worries   you online?


Year 4

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Online Safety Questionnaire – The Speak Out Stay Safe Crew visited classes from Year 1 to Year 6 to discuss what children at Queenborough School and Nursery currently use the internet for and if they know how to keep themselves safe.

Click on the images below to view the results.


Personal Information Washing Line – During our third week of training we looked at what we should and shouldn’t post online. We were divided up into small groups and each had a different piece of washing to discuss. The washing had pieces of personal information written on them. We had to decide in our groups if we would want to share this information online or not.


Online Safety Ambassador Training – Five members of the Speak Out Stay Safe crew were asked to join other children from schools across the Island to take part in online safety ambassador training with Rebecca Avery and Ashley Assiter.


As a team, we had to read the different things to consider sheets and decide on our answers to the questions.


When the children returned to school, they shared what they had learnt with the other crew members.

Parent Coffee Morning – The Speak Out Stay Safe crew felt it was really important that they had the opportunity to discuss what they have been learning this term with parents. The crew were invited to attend the coffee morning for parents at the end of term and spoke to the parents that attended about what they know about keeping themselves safe online. At the end of the meeting, Mrs Bush shared the You Tube clip ‘Where’s Klaus?’ https://youtu.be/i4GKXsAOYZE . This video was shown to highlight to parents the importance of knowing what their children are doing online.