Pearl Class Suggested Timetable


Ebony Class Suggested Timetable


Ivory Class Suggested Timetable

Term 4 Theme – A Child’s War


Knowledge Organiser




Fun Facts

Year 6 Home Learning w/c 22.02.2021


Term 4 – Week 1 lessons


Winston Churchill comprehension


Evacuation information Literacy lesson 3


Evacuation Theme Lesson 2


lesson 5 – instructions


Battle of Britain Comprehension


Evacuee Comprehension


Evacuation Literacy Lesson 4


Evacuation information Theme Lesson 3


Lessson 5 gas masks


The Blitz comprehension


Literacy lesson 1


Evacuation Literacy Lesson 5


Theme Lesson 4 – Timeline


The Hollocaust Comprehension


Evacuation literacy Lesson 2


Causes of WW2 Theme Lesson 1