You Tube

Many children now watch You Tube videos more than they watch an actual TV programme. Children should be 13 before they have their own You Tube account, however we know that many of our young children, particularly in Key Stage Two have their own You Tube accounts. It is essential that our children know what to do to keep themselves safe when using this channel.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What kind of videos are your children posting / watching?

2. Do you as parents know that your children are posting these videos? Do your children show you what they are posting / watching online?

3. How do you make sure you are keeping your child safe using You Tube?

4. Does your child know what to do if someone made a comment about a video they had posted or a video they had watched that made them feel upset or worried?


Do you know how to set the filters on You Tube? Follow this link to keep your child safe…

Does your child record themselves and upload these videos to You Tube, also known as Vlogging? Follow this link to keep your child safe…