Throughout the week, the school comes together in a collective act of celebrating core British and Christian values. These assemblies are led by Senior staff who, throughout the week, explore a common theme from a range of angles. Assemblies are designed to be as engaging and interactive as possible and aim to prompt further discussion when the children return to class. On a Friday morning, the school comes together to celebrate our ‘Friday Names’- children who have been selected by their teachers for displaying the characteristics of Building Learning Power. In this time, we also celebrate House Points, Attendance and any other significant achievements made throughout the week. 

Assemblies always end in a Christian Prayer and pupils are invited to listen to the words and say ‘Amen’ if they agree at the end. We also aim to sing together in as many assemblies as possible and the songs selected will be Christian or broadly Christian in their values.

Here is the timetable for assemblies:

Assembly Rota Term 2