SMSC at Queenborough School & Nursery

At Queenborough we seek to enthuse and encourage the children to develop the skills to become active citizens. This is to ensure that they make valuable contributions to the school and wider local community and to the world around us. We aim to teach the children the life-long skills of collaboration, team work, initiative and responsibility, which alongside Building Learning Power are the core features of all aspects of school life.

Queenborough’s participation in our local community also supports children’s understanding of this, whether it be creating Art work for the local church or raising funds for local, national and world events. All of these valuable and important experiences serve to develop the children’s understanding, awareness and impact upon their own social development.

At Queenborough, it is our duty of care to encourage all learners to develop moral values by providing the children with opportunities to look at choices, to understand right from wrong and the idea of justice. We seek to give children the chance to explore and understand the characteristics of tolerance, respect, unity, strength, and truth.

At Queenborough, we aim to help all our children to become aware of their spirituality by providing opportunities to question and reflect. Our ethos and values, in addition to the explicit learning and teaching within our school, seeks to give children the knowledge and desire to develop, explore and respect the lives, beliefs and traditions of others in the world around them.

At Queenborough, we aim to encourage our children to explore and understand their cultural identity as wells as the cultural diversity within society. Children are given opportunities to appreciate other people’s traditions. Values and beliefs are shared and explored through explicit teaching in Religious Education, Music, Art, Literacy, History and Geography. Enrichment opportunities, including visits and trips, also contain explicit opportunities to extend the children’s cultural experience and understanding.