Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is open to children from any year group in the school. However, we ask that children starting in Reception do not attend until the following January. Full details of the breakfast club arrangements are given in the attached parent guide listed below.

A summary of the main points are as follows:

Breakfast club opens daily from 7.40am – 8.30am and children must have arrived for Breakfast club by 8.15am at the latest

Our staffing ratio is 1:8. At least one member of staff will hold a current First Aid and Food Hygiene qualification

We do not limit the number of children attending at the current time, as we have sufficient staff coverage. However, children must register in order to attend and a form is given below

All children attending breakfast club must enter via the Main entrance

Children will be offered a choice of breakfast cereals and/or toast with topping, milk or water to drink

The children are provided with a toothbrush and paste in order to clean their teeth after Breakfast Club to encourage personal hygiene

The breakfast club staff organise a range of activities for the children to enjoy

The cost of attending is £1.00 per session. This mainly covers the costs of providing food and drinks and play resources. Breakfast club is heavily subsidised by the school

Please note, we follow the School Rules with regard to behaviour to ensure consistency for the children at the club and use a Restorative Justice Approach. If a child continually behaves badly the school reserves the right to withdraw the place. Please see our policy section for more details.

If you would like to attend Breakfast club, please complete the registration form below and return to the office.



A Parents Guide to Breakfast Club

Registration Form & Breakfast Club Policy