Reading is at the heart of teaching and learning at Queenborough School and Nursery. We have always promoted reading as one of the key areas of children’s learning and development and with the on-going success of the Reading Recovery and Better Reading Partnership programmes, more and more of our children are becoming confident, readers; who read for enjoyment and pleasure. 

Our main reading scheme is the Oxford Reading Tree scheme; although we do have other books within the different colour bands. Our reading books are colour banded according to National Curriculum levels. Within the earlier bands we have invested in the PM books that are recommended for Reading Recovery, to support our youngest pupils develop those crucial early reading skills and concepts about print. Within the higher levels we have some Collins Big Cat books, which the older children enjoy as the titles are varied, topical and very interesting. 

In addition to all this we have a well- stocked library which the children have the opportunity to visit each week. They can choose a book suitable for their reading ability and change it on a weekly basis, although they can keep it longer if they wish to.

All classes have book corners with many books for the children to choose from. These books may not necessarily come home, but are kept in the children’s trays for them to read during quiet periods, or registration time.

We encourage all parents to read with their child every day and to make time to discuss the story, characters and setting. We have put together ‘A Parents Guide to Reading’ and this can be found under the ‘Parent section’ of the website. 

If you have any concerns about your child’s reading or how you can help them, please put a note in their Reading Record book, or see the class teacher.

For further information about Reading at Queenborough School and Nursery, please contact our Literacy Leaders or a member of the Senior Management Team.

Did you know we are a Reading Recovery school? Find out more by clicking this link …